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protocols.iofor biotechs and pharmaceuticals

Private & secure collaboration w/ HIPAA compliance, audit trail, approval/signature (21 CFR Part 11), 2-factor authentication, encryption, VPC, and more.

We have used as a resource for our collaborators across the global GenomeTrakr community. The platform allows users to comment on specific steps, enabling us to identify and track steps that need clarification or updating. Keeping our protocols current is also easier, since version control is built into the platform. We can easily publish new versions as technology and software evolve and improve overtime, while preserving previous versions for method reproducibility.
Ruth E. Timme, Ph.D.
Research Microbiologist at the Office of Regulatory Science, Center for Food Safety and applied Nutrition, U.S. Food and Drug Administration
Ruth E. Timme, Ph.D.
Having a private workspace on is indispensable to our biotech. We use it daily to help with reproducibility and collaboration across our multiple locations.
Dr. Anitha Jakaprakash
CEO, Girihlet
Dr. Anitha Jakaprakash

protocols.iofor universities, nonprofits, and government agencies/labs

A Institutional Plan increases productivity, facilitates teaching, improves collaboration and recordkeeping, and accelerates progress across most research disciplines.

We use to share full protocols from our research with other scientists. We appreciate being able to share full protocols beyond abbreviated methods sections. The versioning of protocols is especially powerful so that we can identify the exact version of a protocol used in an experiment, which increases reproducibility.
Dr. Stephen Floor
Assistant Professor, UCSF
Dr. Stephen Floor
Our Premium account enables an unlimited number of individuals and groups to use the platform for private methods. At UCSF, we saw the number of users double and the number of private protocols almost triple in the first seven months of our membership. We anticipate that this use will translate into more rigorous and reproducible research methods used by UC researchers.
Anneliese Taylor
Head of Scholarly Communication, UCSF Library
Anneliese Taylor

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