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Getting started API v3 uses RESTful API structure.

You can find API documentation here:

API v3 documentation

API clients

Choose a client to edit or add new one.

Authentication API v3 uses OAuth 2.0 authentication standards.

API access is separated into two categories:

  • public

    You can get your public token above.

    The public token allows you to read all public data.

  • private

    To get a private token you need to use OAuth 2.0 authentication.

    The private token allows you to get access to a specific user's public protocols.

to authorize a user follow these steps:
  • 1Copy your client_id and client_secret from this page.
  • 2Provide your redirect url above.
  • 3Put authorized link inside your application or use our sign-in button.
  • 4Your requests will be redirected to [your_redirect_url]?code=[new_code]&scope=[your_scope].
  • 5Use the code to get user access_token by calling with grant_type: authorization_code.