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Discover & share science protocol knowledge

Increase the speed and reproducibility of your research

Bench Tools Android: Protocols (beta) protocols.io (beta) Bench Tools iOS: Protocols (beta)

On the Web, Android, iOS

Discover & share
Discover & share optimizations and corrections of the methods that you use
Create and collaborate
Create private protocols, share with collaborators, publish publicly when ready
Use protocols directly on your mobile device as you experiment at the bench
What scientists are saying
  • "I hope protocols.io gets critical mass and becomes the go-to place for scientific protocols- I can’t tell you how many hours I’ve spent poring through the literature just to find certain methods! Again, glad to see that protocols.io exists! Keep going, keep advertising, etc. This will save researchers countless hours!"

    Erica Bakota, Research Chemist, USDA

  • "This is exactly what the field needs. Too often, experiments fail before they begin because a properly tweaked protocol isn't available, though it has been done. I'd be so happy to have a platform to share experiences about troubleshooting steps, modifying techniques to suit a different taxon, etc."

    Darcy Ross, Graduate student, University of Chicago

  • "My wife told me about this, saying that she wished she'd had it while she was still doing benchwork. Well, I'm still doing benchwork and I also want it to exist! It's a great project and it's something I've wanted for a long time."

    David Nusinow, Postdoc, Harvard University

  • "A crowdsourced, open protocol repository for the Life Sciences? Yes please! I can imagine one day that the methods sections of papers will require full and detailed protocols to be deposited and shared. This is a major step towards increased transparency and reproducibility (not to mention productivity) in science."

    Kelsey Wood, Graduate student, UC Davis

  • "This is an absolute necessity for the future of science. I've spend an inordinate amount of time in my decade or so as a bench scientist trying to reinvent the wheel due to incomplete or inaccurate methods. A GitHub-like, crowdsourced resource will solve most of the problems associated with the unending game of telephone that seems to plague academic research."

    Casey Ydenberg, Postdoc, Brandeis University

  • "I have stumbled and painstakenly worked on a particular protocol before it gets optimized. I have always felt that this needed to be shared but it always remains within the lab or nextdoor neigbor labs! Protocols.io is a huge leap towards that direction. I think we will be more efficient in doing science and will make it more fun too!"

    Subhamoy Das, Postdoc, UT Austin

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