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Create and share protocols

Protocols can be published for everyone to see, or shared privately. All protocols (private or public) can be annotated and discussed at the step-or protocol-level.

Linking a protocol to a published paper

You can associate your protocol with a published paper at any time. The publication will then be highlighted and linked to your protocol. If you have included the DOI for your protocol in a paper that is under review but have not yet made the protocol public, we will update the protocol with the published article's information once it appears online.

Exporting protocols

One-click PDF export of every public and private protocol is available on an individual protocol level.

Bulk export for all of your private protocols is available from the protocols.io File Manager, which includes integrations with Dropbox, Google Drive, and Box, and more.

Public content

All protocols are private by default, but once published, there is no requirement for registration or any other barrier to access public content. All published author-contributed content is CC-BY. We also have a public API.

Looking for more Frequently Asked Questions about the protocols.io platform? Check out the official FAQ Page.

Security whitepaper.

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