Connect your account to your ORCID ID

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Connecting your ORCID ID with your account allows to post information about your published protocols onto the Works section of your ORCID record.

ORCID iDs are unique identifiers assigned to individual scholars and researchers. Using an ORCID allows your manuscripts, grants, and other scholarship to be more discoverable and integrated within larger research networks.

Connect your ORCID ID to your account

You can also create and connect a new ORCID iD (if you don't have one)


ORCID iDs are the preeminent vehicle for identifying and connecting researchers and scholarship. ORCID is an independent nonprofit organization that creates and manages these identifiers. ORCIDs are also commonly required by publishers and external funders. has integrated ORCID to enable a seamless syncing of data between the two, making your research more discoverable and allowing you to sign into with your ORCID account.

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