Tutorial to use the Galaxy/coral SNP STAGdb  workflow
May 18, 2020

Tutorial to use the Galaxy/coral SNP STAGdb workflow

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Tutorial to use the Galaxy coral SNP STAGdb workflow https://coralsnp.science.psu.edu/galaxy
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Iliana Baums, Sheila Kitchen, Greg vonKustner 2020. Tutorial to use the Galaxy/coral SNP STAGdb workflow. protocols.iohttps://protocols.io/view/tutorial-to-use-the-galaxy-coral-snp-stagdb-workfl-beqcjdsw
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Kitchen SA, Von Kuster G, Kuntz KL, Reich HG, Miller W, Griffin S, Fogarty ND, Baums I. STAGdb: a 30K SNP genotyping array and Science Gatew ay for Acropora corals and their dinoflagellate symbionts. https://doi.org/10.1101/2020.01.21.914424
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Apr 06, 2020
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May 18, 2020